Passport - Brussels
  • ... and everything becomes

  • SO MUCH MORE accessible.

The PassPort @ Brussels Airport
...and everything becomes so much more accessible.

Our PassPort offices at Brussels Airport offer you a stunning place to work, with world-class architecture and next-generation technology in a location that’s accessible to everyone.

Your office will never be so well-connected. You’ll be literally sitting on top of 18 500 parking spaces, over 1 113 bus movements and 54 direct train connections with 212 daily trains - the heart of Brussels is at your feet. Having your office at the airport also means easy access to 294 hotel rooms and 84 places to eat, drink and shop. The PassPort offices deliver business more speed and responsiveness than anywhere else in Brussels, allowing companies like KPMG, Deloitte - and perhaps you - to be as productive, creative and amazing as you can be.


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Sitting on a transport network envied by offices over the world.

We know how important it is to be well-connected. Our 50 000 customers have taught us how important it is to keep on top of things, in a world where the last mile counts.

So why not be on top of the biggest transport interchange in Brussels?

Our all-in-one workplace cuts down your wasted time by making things more convenient. With easy access to retail service and transport connections, location alone gives our PassPort offices an edge.

KPMG and Deloitte have already planted their flag, but we’re welcoming one more business with open arms. Do you want to relocate to the most well-connected office space in Brussels? We’re looking forward to seeing more of you at The PassPort.

Christophe JACOBS
General Manager CODIC Belgium

the architect’s word

Airports are like cities. Thousands of people commute, work, shop here daily. We feel privileged to participate in the reflections about the future of Brussels Airport. The PassPort building is at the forefront in connecting innovative workplaces to airport terminals.

At the same time the world of work is changing at a fast pace...

The way in which people communicate and exchange ideas is rapidly changing. In an age where tools are available which enable all of us to communicate faster and exchange information at amazing speed, we believe we should make authentic places for interaction.

The PassPort is such a place. We did cut the volume of the building along a diagonal line – visually linking the landside - and airside parts of the airport. In doing so we opened up the center of the building to create a peaceful haven in the hectic airport environment. In this space we located areas to dine, to meet, to connect and to relax.

The two wings of the building provide prime workspace. People will work in a unique location, with vistas on all of the airport’s activities. Planes arrive, leave and are being serviced just at the other side of the office window.

As Architects we are proud to participate in the design of the PassPort building, in the service of a prime development company such as Codic, for prestigious companies such as KPMG.


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